State management is one the hardest parts of a React / React Native app. From time to time, new solutions are appearing, trying to improve or simplify existing state management tools.

In my first React apps, I used Redux, one of the most popular state management solutions. In many cases I had to add boilerplate, repetitive code to achieve what I need with the App state: Storage, State Update, Reactivity. I had to use other tools like redux-thunk or redux-saga for side effects (e.g. async operations), and in some cases for making the app more performant used reselect. …

My first project with GraphQL was a couple of years ago. I was working as a contractor, and my role was to develop a React responsive website, with a bit of exposure to the backend API. It was a few month’s projects, and I didn’t learn a lot about GraphQL / Apollo Client. At that time, GraphQL didn’t impress me a lot, and never used it again until last year.

Last year, I joined Clevertech. I started working on a project using GraphQL with Apollo (Server / Client). …

Yanko Valera

Senior FullStack Developer with 10+ years experience delivering solutions to clients in Australia, UK, USA and Spain.

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